Precious You: Get ready for the most addictive new thriller of 2020 (English Edition)
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Precious You: Get ready for the most addictive new thriller of 2020 (English Edition)


Helen Monks Takhar

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‘A deliciously dark, addictive page-turner.’ ALICE FEENEY‘Twisted, shocking. Absolutely terrific.’ JO SPAIN‘Explosive and compelling, with hints of Gone Girl.’ WILL DEAN‘Disturbing and zeitgeisty.’ PHOEBE MORGAN‘Gossip Girl meets Single White Female.’ NORTHERN SOUL***It all began when I met you, Lily. Beautiful, dangerous, precious you.
At first Katherine dismisses her early-twenties intern as a millennial ‘snowflake’: soft, entitled, moralistic. But Lily’s youth and beauty remind Katherine of everything she once was, and she soon finds herself obsessively drawn to her new colleague.
But is Katherine simply jealous of Lily’s potential – or does she sense that her intern has a dark hidden agenda? As their rivalry deepens, a disturbing picture emerges of two women who are not what they seem – and who are desperate enough to do anything to come out on top.
Unsettling and gripping, Precious You cuts to the heart of toxic female rivalry, obsession and deceit. With explosive twists at every turn, Helen Monks Takhar gives us a razor-sharp, revenge-fuelled thriller for our age.***Perfect for fans of Ali Land’s Good Me Bad Me, Sarah Vaughan’s Anatomy of a Scandal and Caroline Kepnes’ You.***‘Audacious, dark and smart, with one of the most shocking scenes I’ve read in a while.’ PHOEBE LOCKE ‘A brilliantly twisted tale. I LOVED it.’ LISA HALL ‘Scarily, addictively dark. My mouth was hanging open – wow.’ CRESSIDA MCLAUGHLIN ‘Messed up and BRILLIANT.’ LIZ LOVES BOOKS ‘If you like dark and twisted thrillers with venom in their veins, add this to your wishlist!’ ANITA FRANK‘OMG! I loved the twisty-turny end. I couldn’t put it down.’ JOSIE LLOYD